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The People's Potato

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Artigo (em inglês) sobre uma cozinha comunitária criada em 1999 por estudantes da Concordia University, em Montreal. Serve diariamente cerca de 400 refeições gratuitas para estudantes e membros da comunidade. As refeições são veganas, contendo na sua grande maioria ingredientes orgânicos.

Montreal, fevereiro de 2010

The kitchen from heaven

Collective kitchen launched by Concordia students nears 11th anniversary

by Hedley Richards

MONTREAL, March 11, 2011– Since 1999, the People’s Potato, a collective kitchen operating within Concordia University, serves about 400 meals per day to students during the fall and winter semesters, thanks to the hard work of collective members and volunteers and the support of the student union.

Just a block east of the shiny new John Molson School of Business, the many volunteers and collective members of the Concordia student’s collective kitchen are pioneering innovative forms of social enterprise.

“The reason the People’s Potato is vegan, nut-free, no alcohol ever in the kitchen... is for it to be accessible to as many people as possible... no matter what religion they follow, no matter what gender or allergies [they may have]: there’s no milk, there’s no eggs, there’s no nuts,” says Amy Dramilarakis, a member of the People Potato’s collective. “Wheat-free Wednesday is because we’ve noticed that... there’s been more and more people who are allergic to wheat.”

“We, at the People’s Potato, strive to promote the following values...: non-hierarchy, anti-racism, anti-sexism, queer positivity, anti-poverty, anti-ableism, anti-oppression, egalitarianism, ecological sustainability and integrity, anti-capitalism, worker self-management,” states the organization’s constitution, which is available online, along with its annual report ( A trip to the People’s Potato kitchen shows visitors how efficiently these values are put into practice.

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